Who is the newest teen model from the United States?

Teenagers are always searching for a person to look up to, and recently they found their perfect model. Ahmed Mohamed, a teenager from the USA, became famous after building a clock.

The problems started when he took the clock to school to show it to his professor. Ahmed is passionate about engineering and he thought he could get some advice for his invention. Instead, he was arrested, humiliated, and treated like a criminal.

Does all this seem unbelievable to you? Certainly it is not a normal situation. Apparently, Ahmed’s professor thought that the student was carrying a bomb, not a clock, so the police were called. The student was released soon after his arrest and no charges were laid.

How did he become a model? Well, let’s just say that he is one of the most loved persons in the United States right now. Celebrities and people from around the world, even President Barack Obama have supported him and condemned the reaction of the teacher. He even received an invitation to the White House.

His situation has turned into a symbol of oppression and racism; would this have happened if Ahmed was of a different religion? This might be the best thing that ever happened to him. Now he has the chance to join a great college and inspire other students to overcome the obstacles that society throws in their paths.

Since this has happened to him, Ahmed has been very active on social networks where he has had discussions with teens from all over the world and has encouraged them to pursue their dreams. Sometimes some strange things happen: from a simple, smart boy interested in engineering, he has become a symbol of courage to millions of teenagers.