The Right Clothes for Your Figure

 As much as the right make-up will flatter your complexion, the right outfit will do wonders for your figure. It doesn’t matter what size is, you can find cute and productive clothes for all occasions.

The first task is to figure out what your style is. Are you a jeans a tee-shirt type of girl, or do you like to liven it up a little bit with more of a flare? Choosing the right bottoms for your outfit will give you a good start to figure out your outfit for the day.

If you are into jeans, make sure that they are the right fit. There is nothing more unflattering than ill-fitting jeans that are too tight or too loose. The color can also help with the choice of your top. Darker jeans will go well with darker tops and lighter jeans will give a more airy feeling to your overall look.

The top is just important. Just like choosing the right size for your bottoms, the right size of top will fit and flatter, shape and hide and highlight the areas you want. A simple top will work well on just about everyone. While a smaller frame will look good in snuggly tailored shirts with shorter lines a person with a larger frame needs longer shirts and simple lines.