Street Styles That Show Some Skin but Stay Chic

Bold changes in fashion are emerging. One of fashion concepts with the greatest number of followers today is the street style. This clothing theory came out from unconventional beginnings. It's not high-end fashion companies that started this style. Street style defines the youth's spontaneous ensemble.  This form of casual fashion depicts the culture of today's generation.

Unfortunately, there are individuals who apply street style in a destructive way. Some tend to show too much skin that it already becomes overly daring and harmful to one's image.

Flaunting some skin to a certain extent is actually fine. In fact, incorporating sexiness with street style can result to an outfit that will surely gain praises. Take a look at the following fashion ideas and join the street style bandwagon while staying sexy and chic at the same time.

  • Show off your shoulders. Off-the-shoulder tops never go out of fashion. Have it matched with a pair of stretchy jeans to maintain naturalness. You get to exude sexiness with this outfit in a relaxed manner.
  • Go for the split-back blouse. If you are not comfortable putting on a blouse with a plunging neckline, try wearing a split-back top. It's not as aggressive as exposing a part of your chest but it creates the same intriguing effect.
  • Expose your legs. It is time to take out your micro minis from your closet. Show off your well-toned and flawless legs but leave something to the spectators' imagination. Match it with an oversize blazer so your upper body will be fully covered.