How to look good this winter

The winter is fully upon us and the weather just keeps on dropping to an all-time low. In this winter there is a new fashion statement and why shouldn’t there be? With all the great attires available like cardigans, sweaters, jackets. Not to mention for real cold situations you will have things like gloves, scarves and boots. With so much to choose from, most of us wonder how to make a fashion statement. Well don’t you worry, here are a couple of tips you can follow.

1) Add some color and then mix it with prints:
Heart prints, horse prints, dogtooth, leopard print are just some of the major print patterns available this winter. Once you have decided on the kind of prints you want, you might want to add some cheerful colors. You can try experimenting with the color red and spread the joy this winter to make things even more interesting. After all everybody deserves a smile in this cold weather.

2) Stay Layered:
If you want to stay layered this winter don’t be afraid to experiment. You can wear that plain yet classy sweater over your formal shirt and then just add a pair of patterned leggings under those nice shorts. To top it off you can start playing with your boots and you will feel super warm and super classy. Just remember to mix and match with colors and don’t be afraid to try something new. Scarves are a great accessory this winter, remember to stock up on scarves and this will make your outfit seem more classy.