ElektroCouture is a Berlin based fashion technology house. It was established in the year 2014. It offers the ready-to-wear fashion tech collection on ASOS Marketplace online. 

It has launched its first ready-to-wear fashion tech collection with a total of ten pieces available through e-tail. It was introduced in the Berlin Fashion Week on Monday. It’s a big revolution in the fashion industry, as they are not only ready-to-wear but certain queries are kept into consideration regarding the cleanliness, appearance and causality of the clothes offered. The clothes are not only supposed to be technological, but they should also be comfortably wearable.

The collection that was launched by ElektroCouture on Berlin Fashion Week included a jacket with scintillating lights which is created by collaborating with the Polish fashion designer Mia Manu. Another unique clothing piece that was featured in the Fashion week was the glowing scarf which carries a warming feature. The scarf has entered into the nominations for wearable IT or fashion technology prize which is hosted by Belin Senate.

Lisa Lang is the founder of the fashion start-up. She seems quite enthralled regarding the change which is coming by merging the style with technology through various initiatives. 

ElektroCouture is earning prodigious appreciation for its colossal efforts and distinctive ideas in the field of fashion and technology. It is going to show the designs in Microsoft Digital Eatery now. ElektroCouture will also be present in the Fashion Tech Hub which is organized by Premium Exhibition during the Fashion Week.