Awaken Your Inner Princess With This Hot Hair Trend

Odds are, you have seen the Disney movie or at least heard the much-covered song, “Let It Go.” The film Frozen has seen huge success with kids and adults alike, and now the protagonist's hairstyle is making waves.

The hairdo is classy, yet playful as a side-swept braid. The braiding pattern makes it look put together and age-appropriate enough for grown women to wear, and also looks adorable on younger girls. By having the braid off to the side, the look becomes more fun and easy-going, not so strict librarian. Depending on how you wear it, you can look sweet or sexy.

The basic style of this look is a French braid that is woven off to the side of the head so it can drape over your shoulder in the front of the body. Braids have been increasing in popularity over the past few years, and with Frozen, the ice-queen plait has become a go-to hairstyle for admiring girls and teens. Now mature women can take advantage of the classy hairdo that is actually a lot easier to put together than it looks.

The side braid looks great with long hair, but those with medium-length hair can also pull it off. The braid is a great way to look polished without trying too hard. It is suitable for the office, soccer practice, or a cocktail party. To avoid looking too juvenile, avoid adding any hair accessories. On the other hand, weaving the braid too tightly could make you look stern and harsh. Nice and easy is key.