Brighter colors mean happy person

It is very hard to choose what you are going to wear. Depending on an occasion, you should wear skirts, jeans, and etc. But, you can choose your clothes so they match with spring! During winter we all wear dark clothes that keep us warm, but don’t look very interesting. For example, when you see a person wearing a dark coat or jacket, you instinctively think he/she is some boring person. I know I think.

Well, spring is coming, so you can finally change that boring outfit!
According to many research, people who wear bright color clothes, dresses and shirts, look happy! This is because bright colors are linked to our sense of joy! Maybe it sounds complicated, but it isn’t. All you need to do, is to buy (but you probably already have) some colorful dress, that will make you stand out from the sea of black and white clothes! You will notice immediate improvement. The first people who are going to notice that improvement are your friends and family. Although, you haven’t changed anything important in your life, they will treat you as a bit different. You can expect questions like ‘’why are you so happy’’ or ‘’who is that new person in your life that makes you happy’’, so you will feel much better!

According to several fashion experts, red color means you are in loved, and you want to show that to the world. On the other side, yellow means you have success at work. All bright colors have one thing in common, they show to the world that you are a happy person!