60s Style

Maybe you don’t know too much about that period, especially if you were born later, but what most of us know is how people, especially women were elegant and stylish in 60s. Unfortunately we cannot see many sophisticated women today, like we could back then.
In case you want to see how it feels like or you simply like that style, we will give you some tips and you can see for yourself.
Cut was really simple then and everything seemed so sophisticated, yet so discreet and beautiful, with minimalistic details.
If you want to revive this style, you must wear flat shoes and small, effective purses. Women were acting like real ladies back in 60s, and their goal was not to attract the attention, but to do everything with measure and style.
They were using natural materials, mostly silk, cotton and linen and cut was pretty simple, discreet, yet elegant.
For work you should wear white pants, with high waist and a shirt with floral design, and if you want to, you can wear dark blue jacket with large pockets.
On the other hand if you want something more feminine, you can wear cotton skirt (light green or white) and combine it with white silk blouse or a shirt. With this combination and good pair of glasses you are free to go wherever you want.
If you have a romantic evening in mind, then we suggest you to choose long, dark brown dress. You can also combine it with blazer and a belt, which will highlight your waist.
If you find this combination maybe too boring, you can always add little bit of vibrant color to it by wearing lipstick, shoes or a purse in vivid color.