Makeup in summer

For every time of the year you must have a different style when it comes to your makeup. For example in winter you should have something darker and colder, while in summer and spring you can always have bright and vibrant colors, because they are perfect for those hot, sunny days.

Now we know it is hard to look good when it is extremely hot outside, because we are sweating and our makeup becomes all messy.
It melts all the time and it is difficult to maintain that sexy and attractive look you want to achieve.

Of course every dermatologist will suggest you to avoid makeup when it’s hot outside, especially if we want to have some rest from makeup.
Now on the other hand you have women who have sensitive skin or the ones who cannot imagine a day without makeup so we have to give an advice to them.
First rule you have to remember when it comes to your skin and makeup is that you have to work for your face, not against it.
So make sure you apply something that is not so heavy, and of course it is not easy to make that change after many years of doing the opposite, but if you do it slowly, step by step, you will have no problem getting used to less heavy makeup.

Since almost every woman cannot live without foundation, that’s the most important thing you need to think about.
Use something that will not destroy your skin during those hot, summer days, and that will at the same time protect you.
The best solution in that case is BB cream because it is less harmful but still potective. And remember to highlight your lips, rather than your eyes.