Jennifer Aniston’s sleek blowout

What is your opinion, which celebrity has the best hairstyle? Of course, many of you would say Jennifer Aniston, and you are right! This beautiful celebrity has a perfect hairstyle since her character Rachel from the TV show Friends. Her sleek blowout is her signature! Besides, it works great for a casual day, it looks even better on the red carpet! The second questions is, how many of you wanted to have exactly the same hairstyle as Jennifer? Probably all of you, but nobody could make your hair look like Jennifer’s. Well, now you can have the same hairstyle, because we found a secret, or to say better, we found her hair stylists!

The person responsible for that gorgeous look is Chris McMillan. He was in charge of Jennifer’s hair since the days of Rachel from TV show Friends. And if you remember that show, and I know you do, you know how beautiful Rachel was then! Almost every man was obsessed with her! Maybe her hair had a huge role in that! Beside Chris is Jennifer’s stylist, he is also her business partner and her friend. Finally, after all these years, Chris revealed the secret of this beautiful hairstyle. The secret is in Living Proof’s No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream, which costs only $36 ( and protectant spray, Straight hair, which costs $29 ( You will also need blow dryer, round hair brush and straightener. Now, when you know all what is needed to make the hairstyle like this, you can really have the same hairstyle as Rachel!