How to match jeans and sweater – tips for men

Even though we are approaching summer it is never too late to discover and share a fashion tip, and since a lot of men don’t pay attention to it, we will prepare them for the winter (yes we know that winter is far, far away, but still…)

When it comes to this combination of sweater and jeans it never goes out of style. It is something men simply adore and that’s why we want to help them.
First we will start with something simple. If you don’t want to look too strikingly, we can only tell you one thing – you can choose a solid colored sweater and since it is not hard to find colored sweater you can always pick those masculine colors such as grey, black, brown, dark blue and why not beige and white.

If you choose one of these colors they will work perfectly with light blue denim, black denim, dark blue denim and even white denim. So as you can see, you can keep it simple and still look dashing and handsome.

The other example is little bit more stylish and elegant, and still simple and amazing. If you want to kill this simplicity, you can always add something like loose shawl neck or something similar to that.

And what is important, don’t be afraid to wear patterned sweater, it will look as good as the plain one, maybe even better.
Men usually forget the fact that denim is not always blue. So if you want to keep it stylish and elegant, try another color like black denim or gray and of course if you are bold enough you can always use brighter colors.