Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams Made $5 Million Each From ‘Blurred Line’

The hit song ‘Blurred Lines’ which went on to win several awards earned more than $5 million for both Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams, it has been revealed.

The earnings of the song were revealed during a court case which was brought forward by Gaye’s family due to the fact that the song is similar to Marvin Gaye’s single ‘Got To Give Up’.

T,I, who also featured in the song is said to have earned $700,000 from the hit single, reports The Guardian.

Usually such figures remain private but due to a subpoena being issued over the income of Robin Thicke, the numbers were shared by The Creative Artists Agency.

According to the court case, the Gaye’s family are suing for $40 million in damages which are made up of the total published earnings of the hit single ‘Blurred Lines’, as well as compensation for the sharp decline in the value of licensing Gaye’s single ‘Got To Give Up’ and percentage of the earnings Robin Thicke made from touring.

In addition to that, the Gaye family also wants compensation for what they call misappropriation of ‘After the Dance’ by Marvin Gaye in another single by Robin Thicke, ‘Love After War’.

In the court which is set to end on Friday 6th Match, has seen the ‘Blurred line’ singer admitting to have written a very small portion of the music adding that at the time when the music was being Created by Pharrell Williams he was “high on Vicodin and Alcohol’ and only wanted credit once the song became a hit in 2013.