Mary Ellen Trainor Is Dead

Sad news everyone as we get to yet again report that one of our stars has passed away. 

Mary Ellen Trainor, popularly known for her role in the movie “Lethal Weapon” has died, she was 62 years old. According to reliable sources, Trainor passed away on May the 20th and her death was announced by one of her long time close friend and the president of Lucas film Kathleen Kennedy on June the 8th, this is according to the Hollywood Reporter.  

The death of Trainor adds to the number of talented Hollywood stars that we have lost this year. 

Before her death, Trainor was a great person and according to friends and family members she was a joy to be around. In addition to having a great personality, she is also known for Hollywood career which was without a doubt very successful. She has been cast in a lot of movies including a film which starred alongside well-respected Hollywood actor Mel Gibson, who is also a director, as well as Danny Glover. In addition to that she has also been featured in a number of movies including “Lethal Weapon” action movies as well as her roles in movie s such as Elaine back in 1984 as well as her role as Mrs Wash in the 1985 movie. She featured also made a number of appearance in several movies such as the “Ghostbusters II” as well as in “Die Hard”.   

Our prayers and thoughts go to Trainor’s family as they go through this hard time.