Kanye West Inspires Justin Bieber To Design Streetwear Brand

Who would have guessed it. Kanye West can inspire people, in fact other celebrities. According to reports Kanye West has inspired popular RnB come pop singer Justin Bieber to design his own street wear brand. 

Justin Bieber, 21, has been very busy of late. In addition to planning on releasing a new album as well as working as the face of Calvin Klein, the Biebs is also planning on coming up with his own street wear brand and everything has to do with Kanye West. While speaking with WWD, Justin Bieber revealed that the inspiration behind his desire for coming up with a new stret wear brand was Kim Kardashian’s husband Kanye West. 

“I have always wanted to have my own street wear brand since 2011,” Bieber said. “Many people might have believed that I had forgotten about that whole project because I haven’t been working on it but that’s not true. I wanted to make sure that everything is place and that when I indeed chose to launch it will be perfect.”

He then went on further and stated that, “fashion is very important to me and before making the jump I had to make sure that I am ready for the failing part which is usually not that good. Starting up a fashion line is not something easy, its not putting up a new single you have to be well prepared before getting into fashion.”

I personally can’t wait to see what the Biebs will come up with and I wish him all the best.