Jeremy Clarkson's most controversial moments in Top Gear

Jeremy Clarkson is one of the most interesting TV presenters. His jokes are serious sometimes, and can be offensive, but at the end, they are funny. During his career in top gear, he had many shocking statements and moment. Let’s see some of them.

On December 2005, Jeremy gave a Nazi salute and spoke about BMW’s Mini. This was treated as a serious insult, so there were many complaints.

On April 2007, his insults were even worse. He said that Perodua Kelisa is the worst car in the world, and that it is made by people who wear leaves as shoes and live in the jungle! This car is produced in Malaysia.

On November 2008, he Jeremy offended every truck driver in the country! He said that they are dangerous, and besides they are the drivers they are murders, so killing a prostitute is something what every truck driver is doing! After this incident, truck drivers, and many other people, wanted to sack Jeremy from his show, but he is still a Top Gear Presenter. He often apologizes in his show, but these apologies are mocked as well.

On August 2010, Jeremy was in a serious trouble for using the phrase ‘’special needs’’. While he was testing two Ferraris, he called one Ferrari with this name, as opposite to the word ‘’speciale’’. For this insult, The National Autistic Society made complaint.
Maybe his worst insult was in December 2011, towards strike workers. He said that they all should be killed in front of their families! He said that he will take those people outside and executed them.