Foo Fighters Singer Dave Grohl Breaks His Leg During Concert

Over the past few weeks there have been some freakish accidents which have been happening when stars are performing on stage. From Enrique Iglesias strange hand cut injury where he tried to catch a drone from the sky while performing, to even the recent one where the guitarist of “5 Seconds of Summer” Michael Clifford caught fire after he accidentally walked into a “pyrotechnics display”. There has been a lot of those injuries and Foo Fighters singer Dave Grohl also joined the list of celebrities who have had an injury while performing. 

While performing in Sweden, the Foo Fighters singer had a nasty injury and despite that, just like all the other celebrities who got injured other than “5 Seconds of Summer”, he continued to perform. 

Dave Grohl, 46, broke his leg while performing and leaving up to his day job a rock star, Grohl continued rocking fans even after the injury. According to those who attended the event report that the Foo Fighters singer fell from the stage and as a result broke his leg and despite the pain he continued to rock the crowd.

The 40-year old singer went on his social media page where he shared with his fans the sad news, confirming that he indeed broke his leg after falling of the stage. 

“Hey guys,” Dave Grohl said. “I love all of you, but too bad I believe I might have broken my leg.”

We do wish him a quick recovery so he can get back to what he does best and that is entertain the masses.