Nail Care Tips

Women like to keep themselves prim and proper at all times and that includes everything from the strand of their hair to the nails of their toes. Well manicured nails look not only neat but also comely. However, it is not a day’s work to keep your nails well maintained. It takes a lot of effort for your nails to look perfect all the time.
Here are some tips to get you started on those wonderful looking nails.

Cut the nails after bath
When you want to cut your nails, best time to do it is after you have had a shower. The nails are soft at this time and are easy to cut without cracking. No need to specifically soak the nails. You would be ready to cut them soon after your shower.

Push the Cuticles Back
When you have suitably cut the nails, use the cuticle stick to push back the cuticles. Don’t push them in case your cuticles are dry and hard. Use cuticle oil each day after bath to make them heal.

Put clear nail polish
There is nothing untidy than chipped nail polish. However, it is practically impossible for you to manicure each day and apply a fresh coat of nail polish every day. When you use clear nail paint, it makes your nails look neat and even if they chip, no one can tell.

Keep your nails moisturized
When you use nail polish remover indefinitely on your nails, it will cause them to dehydrate and take away its original shine. This is the reason it is important to moisturize your nails, just like you moisturize your hands or body.