How to Look Glamorous in School

Your school days are the best days of your life and you need to take care about how you look at this point of time in order to be able to draw the attention of people your way and get them to notice you for who you are. Your appearance is something that deserves great importance at this point of time and to know more about how you can look glamorous in your school days, there are some crucial points that need to be borne in mind by you.

Use Light Eye Make UP

Using very light eye makeup would definitely be a good idea if you want to look glamorous in school but not over the top at the same time. The eye pencil is what you need to apply in a very slight manner right over your eyelids below as well as on top, creating a marvelous look.

Opt for Lip Gloss

You should keep the use of make up like lipsticks to an absolute minimum when you are in school. Rather you should opt for the use of lip gloss. Lip gloss colors like pink, orange and brown are certain to look good on you, when you are at this stage of your life.

Experiment with your Hair

You ought to experiment with your hair as much as possible when you are in school. Opt for a bun style one day and a braid on another day in order to add a bit of variety to your appearance.