Have blotchy skin? Here’s what you must know

Most people ignore their blotchy and flaky skin and tend to blame the season. However, the only way you can treat this condition is by understanding the main reason behind it. Here are a few reasons that can be the culprit behind your dappled skin. • Maybe you are using a very harsh soap for…

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Be Sure To Choose The Best Perfume To Feel Good And Comfortable Before The World

The scent you give to the people around you goes a long way in determining your attractiveness and beauty. It becomes imperative for you to choose the perfect perfume for yourself if you are aiming for beauty. After all, a beautiful you is a combination of many good things that add up to make you.…

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Get the Retro Glam Look with the Denim Shirts

There are so many fashion items that never lose their appeal despite the passing trends. These clothes have something about them that makes them fashionable even for decades and centuries. For instance, the leather boots have been in fashion for the longest times known. Similarly, the denim shirts…

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Chrissy Teigen Had Problems With Her Attire

At the recent designer awards on June 1st, many stars came out wearing their best. Many stars also came out wearing outfits to stun everyone. Chrissy Teigen was one of those people. Chrissy Teigen came to the awards show wearing a strapless white dress. It was big and fluffy and stood out for all to…

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Cute short haircuts

Short hairstyles look cute, but women who wear them are even cuter. Those who wear these hairstyles reveal their nape, face and neck, which means they are confident and beautiful women. There are many nice hairstyles for short hair. These are just some of them. Slight Incline frames the face well.…

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Amazing Makeup Tips for Teenage Girls

One of the most fun things about being a teenager, especially if you are in your late teens is the fact that you are allowed to put on makeup. Since makeup is essentially an art, there are some application tips which you ought to bear in mind in order to not make a mess of it. Moisturize your Face…

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How to Buy the Perfect Evening Gown

A formal occasion is one that is best attended in an evening gown. You, therefore, have to take care about the dress you wear on such an occasion, as evening gowns require finesse and elegance in order for these to come across as appealing at any social event. To know more about how you can buy such…

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Hollywood in the Fifties

If we are talking about glamour, a lot of people will think of the 50s, because style back then was pretty much different, and you got a feeling like women were more feminine. That glamour and style is still popular among celebrities today. Fifties were a time of beauty and style, and also a time of…

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How to Look Glamorous in School

Your school days are the best days of your life and you need to take care about how you look at this point of time in order to be able to draw the attention of people your way and get them to notice you for who you are. Your appearance is something that deserves great importance at this point of…

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Nail Care Tips

Women like to keep themselves prim and proper at all times and that includes everything from the strand of their hair to the nails of their toes. Well manicured nails look not only neat but also comely. However, it is not a day’s work to keep your nails well maintained. It takes a lot of…

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Stuart Weitzman, Creative Director of “Elle”

Stuart Weitzman has made the press these past few days as it was announced that he would be stepping down as the creative director of ‘Elle’. Weitzman, creator of the label Elle, has been its director for nearly 30 years. On May 5, 2017, the artist will be retiring and will be replaced…

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Street Styles That Show Some Skin but Stay Chic

Bold changes in fashion are emerging. One of fashion concepts with the greatest number of followers today is the street style. This clothing theory came out from unconventional beginnings. It's not high-end fashion companies that started this style. Street style defines the youth's…

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eShakti women's clothing

Almost all women are passionate about clothing and fashion, and are eager to discover new styles and designers. Luckily, there are so many brands that create wonderful, comfortable clothes that you can always find the right thing to wear. eShakti is one of the brands that bring something new to the…

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What is the cut out look in dresses?

The cut-out dress can be fabulous and stylish. These dresses are unlimited in style and length. Cut-outs accentuate a woman’s curves and can give a new twist to an ordinary dress. They can be very sexy depending on the size of the cut-out and where the cut-out is on the dress. The style allows…

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Who is the newest teen model from the United States?

Teenagers are always searching for a person to look up to, and recently they found their perfect model. Ahmed Mohamed, a teenager from the USA, became famous after building a clock. The problems started when he took the clock to school to show it to his professor. Ahmed is passionate about…

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