WWE Legend, Dusty Rhodes Dead Is Dead

The WWE fraternity and fans worldwide are mourning the death of one of its biggest character and legend, Virgil Runnels. Also known by his stage name “The American Dream” and “Dusty Rhode”, Runnels passed away on June the 11. He was 69-years old. 

The sad news was confirmed by WWE on Thursday in a statement that was sent to media outlets. In the statement, the WWE extended their condolence to Rhodes family as well as friends. 

“We are saddened to announce the death of one of WWE’s super star Dusty Rhodes,” the stamen said. 

“The WWE would like to take this opportunity and extend its deepest condolences to Virgil Runnels’ family as well as colleagues and friends.”

Following the news WWE fans worldwide took to Twitter as well as other social media sites so as to express their deepest condolences to Runnels family. 

Runnels, better know as Dusty Rhode by his fans in the WWE, made his name in the industry by being a very lively and loveable character and it’s no wonder the WWE family has taken note of his death. 

According to reports by TMZ, an ambulance arrived at the WWE star’s home in the early morning of Wednesday after they had received an emergency call from the star’s house. In the call, it was revealed that Rhodes had fallen on the ground and he is not responsive. He was then taken to the hospital and later passed away with his family and close friends right beside him. 

The cause of death as at now is still yet to be identified, that said, TMZ is reporting that the former WWE superstar faced numerous challenges, healthwise, before his death.