Caitlyn Jenner Gives Her First Inspirational Speech At A Transgender Youth Conference

Just weeks after unveiling herself to the world, the now famous Caitlyn Jenner gave his first motivational speech during a transgender woman event that was held at the LGBT Youth Center in Hollywood California on the 9th of June.

According to reports, the 65-year old Caitlyn wanted to make a low-key appearance at the event due to paparazzi following her.
“Caitlyn didn’t want anyone to know she was coming,” the Hollywood Life reported citing a source close to the star. “She wanted to surprise the small group of people who will be here listening to her story in hopes to inspire them and help them live their truth. This has been a lifelong crusade of Caitlyn’s.”

During her speech, Caitlyn shared her wealth of knowledge when it comes to issues that are common in the Transgender community. Accompanying her to the event were some of his few transgender friends.

Caitlyn has a very good heart and at the moment she is more concerned in giving back to the community as well take any available steps so as to help other transgender who are currently going through transmission. For her to be able to help them more effectively they need to have a way in which they can be able to reach out to her and as a result she gave some of them her cell phone number.   

“Caitlyn has also given her personal cell phone number out to four men who are in the process of transitioning and told them they can call her anytime if they have questions because she wants to be a resource to them if need be,” the source told Hollywood Life.