Julia Roberts protests at Cannes by going barefoot

We have all seen or been a part of many protests. Normally one would expect angry mobs, slogans, tear gas and an army of police officers. What about a silent protest with beautiful gowns, people waving at the camera, bright smiles, and cameras flashing?

The red carpet at the Cannes Festival got this kind of treatment for the very first time! Julia Roberts shocked the world by turning up barefoot at the Cannes Film festival. All dolled up in a beautiful black gown with her makeup and jewellery on point, no one would have thought that she would slip out of her heels and climb up the stairs barefoot.

America’s sweetheart chose comfort over fashion which just added another feather to her cap. This pretty woman is winning hearts minute by minute. heels or no heels.

It was a field day for the tabloids from that moment. The shutterbugs went crazy! She broke the rules of convention that demands all women should wear heels. Many were denied entry at the film festival last year for wearing flats. Roberts was protesting by taking off her shoes and walking up the stairs. The festival quickly came to their defence by saying that no such rigid rule regarding heel height exists and probably the guards had made a mistake.

After this iconic event, many stars have taken the cue and followed suit. Sasha Lane, a breakout star, gobbled the media’s attention when she turned up for the photo call barefoot. Looks like this fashion statement might be here to stay.

Stars being bold enough to embrace their comfort over the fashion norms seems to be the vibe at the festival. It would great to see more people come out and be themselves instead of being overwhelmed by tradition.