Chris Brown sued by former manager

Chris Brown, the pop star who became famous when he beat up his then girlfriend Rihanna, is in the news once again. Only this time, it isn't the heartbroken girlfriend, but it is a very badly bruised and hurt manager.

When the brutal pictures of the assaulted Rihanna surfaced, the internet exploded with Chris Brown and he was one of the most popular searches.

The manager is Mike G. Mike who was hired to help Chris improve his public image after the assault charges by Rihanna back in the year 2012. Chris hired Mike to also help with advice on the artist’s drug addiction and his financial situation as well.

With Mike’s help, Chris’s image had only started to improve and then came the assault charges again.

Chris Brown not only has drug problems but he clearly has anger issues. As reported by Mike, Chris was heavily under the influence of drugs when he pulled Mike into a room and beat him mercilessly. Mike had to be rushed into the emergency room for serious injuries to his face and neck.

Mike filed the lawsuit for assault and there is also a mention about related gang members threatening to harm Mike for reporting Chris.

Mike wanted to have this whole deal to go down quietly but then there was Chris, laughing about it and poking fun at Mike and warning other crew members that they would get a similar treatment if they acted like Mike. Chris took to social media to fight back against Mike’s charges saying Mike actually stole money from him and denied the whole beating episode.

So the latest update to this case is that Mike now has added a defamation suit against Chris for defaming him by accusing him of theft.