Two Easy Steps to Have Vampy Lips like Lily Collins

Lily Collins turned up as a true star at the Hollywood Film Awards. Her stylish white gown from David Korma was contrasted by her black, glamorously waved hair. But the touch that made her overall appearance absolutely stunning was her Vampy lips!

She decided to go with the Modern Classic look and chose the Black Cherry lip color from Lancôme, whose ambassador she is, by the way. To come up with such a strong statement finish, as a first step, Lily lined both lips with the Sheer Chocolate Lancôme Le Lipstique lip liner.

The second step was adding a rich plum, which she achieved by adding the 359 Hypnotique Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge in the center. Simple as that! There’s no doubt that her Vampy makeup had been inspired by the 2016 runway trend of Vampy lips. Then, we were able to see various shades of Vamp lips, from green, through red, to even black.

However, thanks to Lily, the makeup brands are again interested in this trend and already, we can see them pushing black cherry lipsticks on the market. However, to achieve this Goth look, you don’t actually need expensive makeup as it can be done with two products you definitely already have in your home makeup kit.

The first thing you have to do is to exfoliate your lips and hydrate them. You can prepare your lips for makeup by wiping them with exfoliating wipes. After that, you can hydrate them with a lip balm.

The next step would be using creamy eyeliner. The same kind of the eyeliner you use for achieving that breathtaking cat-eye-look, now you will use to fill in your entire lips.

Then, use a red or berry lipstick and cover the black eyeliner. That’s it, you are done. Your Vampire Queen look is ready!