Natural Remedies for Hair Loss

Coconut Milk -
1. To nourish the tissues of hair and to control hair fall coconut milk is the richest source.
2. Grind the grated coconut and squeeze it to obtain its juice (milk).
3. To prevent hair loss and improve the texture of hair this is the best natural home-made remedy.

Aloe Vera –
1. Aloe vera gel or aloe vera juice can treat your hair loss by applying directly on the scalp because hair loss is caused mainly due to dry or infected scalp.
2. Massage the scalp with juice or gel.
3. Leave it for few hours and then rinse gently with luke warm water.
4. You can also use aloe vera with triphala powder for 3-6 months to treat hair loss.
Indian Lilac (Neem)
1.Neem is a plant which is anti-bacterial, anti-viral,anti-fungal,anti-diabetic, narcotic, and disinfectant in nature. It is valuable in infections as well as a magnificent home solution for hair fall.
2. boil neem leaves in water till the water evaporates and remains half.
3. Let this neem water cool and wash your hairs with neem water at least once in a week.

Gooseberry (Amla)
1. Take dried amla and boil it in coconut oil till the time oil gets black.
2. Massage your scalp with this oil which will prove to be very effective.
3. You can also use amla with shikakai by making a thick paste of amla and shikakai.
4. Apply this paste of amla and shikakai on your scalp and wash it after 15 minutes.   
Note- You should avoid shikakai if you have dry hair.
Amla may also be helpful when it is mixed with honey.