Hair Tricks Revealed – Shiny, Healthy-Looking Hair without Unnecessary Costs

Most of us blame the lack of time for washing the hair the right way. Experts say, however, that it is easier than you think – providing you stick to a couple of basic rules. The result will be beautiful, shiny hair without the (expensive) help of hair stylists. 

First of all, next time you shampoo and conditioner shopping, choose products designed for your hair type. In other words, if you have dry hair, go for moisturizing products. Similarly, if your hair is prone to greasiness, buy a shampoo that will take care of that problem. That way you won’t have to wash your hair ever day. If you color your hair, opt for products designed to keep hair color intact for weeks. 

Do not shampoo your hair twice unless it is absolutely necessary. One round is enough, providing your hair is not extremely dirty. Before you apply shampoo, rinse your hair thoroughly – your hair cuticles will open up if you rinse with warm water – anything trapped in your hair will be easier to remove. Open cuticles mean better conditioner absorption, too. 

If you have long hair, make sure you apply conditioner first. Ends are more fragile in this case, so it is important to protect them. 

And lastly, do not use too much shampoo. A quarter-sized amount is enough if you have short or medium-length hair. If your hair is very thick or very long, you can double the amount.