Few tips for attractive and seductive cleavage

Cleavage is definitely one of the best attributes a woman can have, without making too much effort. Men simply love to see a woman with a seductive cleavage, without being too provocative or simply look cheap.

If you are new at this, and you don't know how to present " it " the best way possible, here are several tips you can use.

Unless you are going on vacation, where you will be exposed to the sun, make sure you protect this part of your body, on a daily basis.

Skin in this part of your body is very sensitive, and not so flexible, so whenever you are going out and if it's too hot outside, make sure to put mineral cream, or something that has sun protection factor.

This way you will be able to show off your cleavage, and still be sure you are not doing any harm to it.

Natural oils are very good for this, especially with raspberry seeds, which is amazing for every skin type.

Put little bit of makeup on your cleavage. It doesn't have to mean that you should use all your makeup for it, just put a little bit of highlighter on it, and it will freshen up that part of your body.

If your skin is darker or you are planning to tan your body, use your bronzer for the cleavage. It will give a certain glow, and will definitely attract attention. Just make sure not to use too much of it.