Few beauty tips for women

Women are complicated, never satisfied , especially when it comes to our skin, body, hair, make up, so generally - everything. We cannot solve all your problems, but what we can do is help you to improve at least something,so now we are going to give you some tips :

1. If you are busy all the time, and you come home late, what will help you to relax, and renew yourself are tea bags on your eyes.
2. Some women are complaining that their skin is too dark, but there are those who think they are too pale, so if you belong to that group of women here's one advice : pinching cheeks will give them a natural blush.
3. Many of us are holding our perfumes in the fridge, but what also you can put there is nail polish, so that it stays soft and fresh.
4. One of the most sensitive subjects when it comes to women is AGE, we don't discuss about that, and we are doing everything we can to stay forever young. So here's one small thing you can do, to at least avoid wrinkles - sleep on back
5. If your hair is damaged or doesn't have a good quality, rinse it with beer. It will refresh it , and make her softer.
6. People say that honey is great for lots of things , well they're right. Instead of using expensive masks for your face, simply use honey, and you will not regret.