Drinking Green Tea Or Applying It Over Your Face Is Effective In Treating Acne

Keeping a tab on the blood sugar level is going to be helpful in keeping acne at bay. The more carbohydrates you intake, the more prone your skin becomes to getting such skin problems. This is where green tea is going to be of help. Green tea has been found to have  a profound effect in controlling blood sugar levels.

To contest the formation of acne on the skin, do sip into at least six cups of green tea everyday. Besides this, do try out the gel or lotion you apply to your skin which has a bit of green tea added to it.

With the battery of antioxidants green tea has, it has a profound and great impact in controlling the effect of free-radicals in your body. Antioxidants have  a powerful effect on the free-radicals that are bent on destroying your skin. This way, your skin is bound to glow with the radiance of youth if you regularly take up a course of green tea.

Those conscious about the caffeine content of tea, are sure to find some decaffeinated version of green tea available in the market that is going to be very helpful to you. You need not worry about the caffeine content in ordinary tea if you drink the decaffeinated version. It will still be as good for treating skin problems like acne effectively. Sip green tea regularly for best results, or alternatively, apply a bit of green tea extracted from a tea-bag on the affected area.

Green tea is quite effective in contesting all sorts of inflammation of the skin. This way, it reduces the incidence of scars and rashes on the skin.